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Our talented team of experts has a collective experience of 20 years providing assistance to accident victims. We have a deep understanding of our field and know how to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. 


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At Heritage Personal Injury Group, our personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable on a variety of accident fields. We’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve, no matter what type of accident you were in. We offer a free consultation and case examination, so you can get informed with no commitment. If you live in Georgia, we’re the best option for personal injury lawyers near you.

What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?

After being injured in a serious accident, you may experience some of the most challenging days of your life. Everyone could use a helping hand during their difficult times, and at Monge & Associates, we handle all of the legal responsibilities of your case so you can worry less and focus on recovering from your injuries.

How do I know if I have a case?

After you have had your free case evaluation, your personal injury lawyer can give you a better idea of what to expect. In the meantime, we are the first to offer our exclusive evaluate without a wait guarantee in which you find out in one call if you have a case and how much it’s really worth. 


Legal Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen at any time, to anyone, for a variety of reasons. These reasons include vehicular malfunctions, bad weather, and poor road conditions. 

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are especially dangerous, as the injuries caused are much more serious due to the weight of the trucks and high speed at which they travel.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous, as the injuries caused are much more serious due to a lack of protection for the cyclist.

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Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents

Most bicycle and pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers in violation of a  traffic law. 

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Slip and Fall Accidents

If you are seriously injured due to dangerous conditions, the owners of the property may be held responsible.

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Dog Bite Accidents

In most states, if a dog bites any person while in a public or private place, the owner of the dog is responsible for any damages suffered by the victim. 

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Wrongful Death Accidents

If you’ve lost a loved one to wrongful death, there are multiple options of compensation you can pursue.

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Boating Accidents

On cruise ships, passengers may be injured in slip and fall accidents, injuries suffered on excursions, swimming pool accidents including drowning, inadequate medical care, or collisions with other vehicles.

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Figuring out where to get help is the most important part of your personal injury case. Thankfully,our expert team of accident attorneys will get you the compensation you deserve for your case. CrashToCash is here to help you recover from a variety of accidents and move forward after suffering an injury.

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My experience with Heritage has been top shelf from the very beginning all the way through to receiving a settlement. Essence Franklin was always helpful, knowledgeable and professional – and I mean every single time we spoke. I was never left wondering. Thank you so very much, Essence, for making this an excellent experience and for getting an excellent settlement for us. This is certainly a great day! My sincerest appreciation.

Kim F.

Gainesville, GA

My experience with the Heritage Personal Injury Group was really good from day one. Essence, was very professional and made my experience easy and comfortable. They have a really nice office & they make you feel comfortable through out the whole experience. Great Job guys!
Oliver C.

Smyrna, GA


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How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Georgia?

How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Georgia?

The amount of time it could take to settle your car accident claim will depend on many different factors, such as the nature of the accident and the injuries you suffered. Although each case is different, most Georgia car accident cases settle within a few months to a year.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim After a Motorcycle Accident?

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim After a Motorcycle Accident?

Every insurance company sets deadlines for filing motorcycle accident claims. But that’s not the only deadline to remember if you were hurt in a motorcycle crash in Georgia. In most cases, Georgia accident victims have two years from the accident date to file a suit. This time limit is called the statute of limitations. It’s essential to act before the statute of limitations expires.

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